Friday, February 6, 2009

North's Derailment.

Remember that saying: "I don't recall."  Back in the ye old 80s, Ollie North uttered that statement more times than I can recall.  The occasion:  The DEA and CIA's involvement in direct shipment of cocaine into the USA from Colombia.  Also of note, Ronnie and Nancy Regan's "Just Say No to Drugs" advertisements.  Hmm?  Kinda funny how the "crack" epidemic spread just at the same time pitching all of our urban areas into default ghetto status.  The question:  Is there still time to pull our urban labratories back form the dead, curb suburban sprawl and do something with the great American landscape?  Any further insight to the Iran-Contra scandal after all these years?  Do comment and comment often and with much freedom.  Check for more updates from the metropolis front.  Allegience, Mariner

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