Saturday, February 21, 2009


No one uses the first amendment anymore, our freedom of expression.  Any reason we are so hushed?

Monday, February 9, 2009

Man or Machine

Do you ever notice going through the day to day routine we become almost mechanized?

Has the technology of the industrial age become so implanted in our physce that we actually believe that we are part machine.

Why do we have so much trouble processing our emotions?

Are we persons or just "equipment?"

Sunday, February 8, 2009

FDA? The Sun and Copernicus

With the technology we have today, do you think it is possile to take more sodium out of the food, and get more of the flouride out of the water table so that we don't need to keep worrying about what food and drink does to us?

I am sure we have better stuff that sodium benzoate and other.  Are we Just using it because it has worked in the past and it is cost effective, or is it a way to stimulate the ass cancer and thus population control.

Think about this:  If a faucet is dripping, that is the polar ice caps melting.  And every time you pass that Big Mac meal from McD's, throw the bag away we build them back up stronger.  As we waste resource both in trash and crap, the Earth gets heavier. Especially when a few 100 million are born every year.  Now, scientifically speaking, the Sun Holds the Earth in an orbit very gently and exactly.  If the Earth's mass increases dramatically over say 300 years, would it not follow that in order to move the Earth around it would take more energy on the Suns part to do the same job, not only that but as hydrogen is expended at a greater rate, the Sun shrinks, burns hotter and the cycle of Earth I would dare say speeds up?  Just a premisis I came across.  Fix the leaky sinks, flush when you have to, and for Heavens sakes get better packaging with the technology.  Quit trying to burn out the Sun. Physics rules, literally.

Friday, February 6, 2009

North's Derailment.

Remember that saying: "I don't recall."  Back in the ye old 80s, Ollie North uttered that statement more times than I can recall.  The occasion:  The DEA and CIA's involvement in direct shipment of cocaine into the USA from Colombia.  Also of note, Ronnie and Nancy Regan's "Just Say No to Drugs" advertisements.  Hmm?  Kinda funny how the "crack" epidemic spread just at the same time pitching all of our urban areas into default ghetto status.  The question:  Is there still time to pull our urban labratories back form the dead, curb suburban sprawl and do something with the great American landscape?  Any further insight to the Iran-Contra scandal after all these years?  Do comment and comment often and with much freedom.  Check for more updates from the metropolis front.  Allegience, Mariner